I am not the first and certainly will not be the last to write a blog post on this topic.  But, having spent twenty-seven years of my professional life in the magazine industry, I am compelled to share my voice about the latest “Magazines-The Power of Print” advertising campaign. We surf the Internet.  We swim in magazines.<– Click for more.

By Googling, “We surf the Internet.  We swim in magazines,”  I discovered how much was being said about MPA’s latest campaign that touted the power of magazines.  So, I “LISTENED.”

Through my research, there were 48,000 results from Google on the topic.  Included in those results were blogs that simply posted the ad again and bloggers that provided commentary about the campaign.  There were 43,700 blog posts in Google and 12,807 results from Google blogs about the topic.  That’s huge any way that you look at it!  So there’s definitely a buzz.

Check out what some of the bloggers had to say–> Max Hartshorne, 574 (see comments too), blankanvas and Aslyum (LOL … see below).  These bloggers  and some of the comments say more than the ad does about magazines vs. the Internet.

With the new iPad, magazine publishers have another shot at making it work for them.  Some early adopters are already on board with the iPad.  Back in the day, I remember using MPA research and ad campaigns as awesome resources to sell magazine advertising to reluctant advertising and marketing executives.

Magazines aren’t dead … yet.  Maybe magazine publishers will learn how to swim with the sharks.  Dive in … it’s sink or swim!