Peter Drucker described an entrepreneur as someone who innovates.  “Innovation is the wheel that keeps the business world turning.  Without it, we’d be living in energy inefficient homes, driving cars that run on leaded gasoline, and wearing parkas that don’t really block wind or keep us dry in a downpour.  Innovation is that little—and sometimes big—something that separates entrepreneurs from small business owners.”  That is what Monika Jansen says in her recent article, “Are You an Entrepreneur, or a Small Business Owner?

In the article Monika also shares some thoughts on the topic by CPA and small business consultant,  Jason Howell.  Jason points out that “entrepreneurs make a difference in the community, the country, the industry, and/or the world.  There was already light, but Thomas Edison transformed our concept and use of light when he invented the light bulb.  There was already a process in place to build a car, but Henry Ford took it to a whole new level when he invented the assembly line.  Everyone who gets into business does so to make a difference on some level. Maybe that difference is not as life-changing as inventing, say, the microchip, but one that makes a difference nonetheless.”

What do you think … is there a difference … is innovation what separates an entrepreneur from a small business owner?